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Manitou fitment 7' general purpose bucket.
This is used but still in good condition.
Fitted good cutting edge.

£775 +VAT

Manitou  general purpose bucket
These sturdy little mowers are one of most popular products, replacing the traditional topper mowers. An added advantage is they pick up any lying grass so leave a better finish, also mulching the grass so regrowth rate and self fertilisation is much better than conventional toppers. Using an offset position makes this mower user friendly and easy to get close up to fence lines and hedge rows. Perfect for farmers, ground keepers and small contractors. A great value mower that will last.

£1095 +VAT each

Topper for sale
| Quantity: 20
High spec fertiliser spinner, very clean condition, 2011 year, Quantron control box, hopper extension, hydraulic drive

£5950 +VAT

Kuhn Axera 1102 H-EMC
Very good condition, suffolk coulters - good condition, Amalog+ control box, come off 170ha farm, good powerharrow, maxi-packer roller, a very good drill.

£13950 +VAT

Amazone Combination KE3000/AD-P Super 3M 11011223
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New points, good lift out discs and packer, excellent frame, good bearings

£15450 +VAT

Sumo Trio 3M Trailed
Nice ex-farm plough good UCN metal 14", hydraulic front furrow

£3450 +VAT

Dowdeswell DP8B 4 Furrow Plough 11010450
Good stubble cultivator on new points and wings

£4950 +VAT

Lemken 3M Stubble Cultivator 11011213

£4250 +VAT

Twose 6.3M Cambridge Rolls
Genuine trailer, 10T steel bed, C/W raves, sprung axles

£5250 +VAT

Ex Farm Warwick 27FT Bale Trailer
LWC produce well built, long lasting attachments to support British Farmers as they strive for efficient and effective ways of food production.

£920 +VAT

LWC - Round / Square Bale Grab
Nice example, stone pro auto-reset system, good condition, rear paddles, radar, comes with bean kit

£20950 +VAT

Claydon Hybrid 4M 11011241
Lift over lineage for power harrow/ drill combi

£450 +VAT

In good condition, Manitou brackets

£1000 +VAT

Other McHale Bale Squeezer
Sumo DTS 4M Seed Drill

£28950 +VAT

Sumo DTS 4M Seed Drill

£995 +VAT

John Deere 900KG Front Weight 11011236
DD bodies, 14", hydraulic front furrow

£4150 +VAT

Dowdeswell DP7D 4F Plough

£1250 +VAT each

Second Hand 8ft Snow Plough
| Quantity: 3
Genuine machine, good metal, front tines

£4950 +VAT

Rau Rau 3M RDL30 Rototiller 11010906
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